Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan Unveils Field Researcher Positions in Gilgit

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, where innovation meets compassion, Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan (AKHS, P) is carving a path toward positive change.
Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan Unveils Field Researcher Positions in Gilgit

 Renowned for its expansive not-for-profit private healthcare system, AKHS, P is extending its impact across key regions of the country, with a special focus on Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh. At the forefront of their mission is a commitment to reaching the unreached, a dedication reflected in their outreach clinics, community midwife training programs, non-communicable disease screening initiatives, and groundbreaking digital health solutions.

Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan Unveils Field Researcher Positions in Gilgit

As part of their ongoing efforts, AKHS, P is inviting qualified individuals to join their team as Field Researchers based in the mesmerizing Gilgit Region. This announcement comes as a beacon of opportunity for those passionate about making a tangible difference in healthcare and research.

A Glimpse into the Role:

The Field Researcher positions are tailored for individuals with a minimum of a bachelor's degree (Master's preferred), with a field of study related to social sciences, data sciences, or research. While a background in these fields is advantageous, AKHS, P emphasizes that diversity in experiences and perspectives is equaly valued.


Educational Background:

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement, with preference given to those with a Master's degree in relevant fields.
Professional Experience: Candidates should bring one to two years of hands-on experience working with reputable institutions, showcasing expertise in studies, field data collection, and research.

Cultural Proficiency:

 An excellent understanding of Gilgit-Baltistan and the cultural and social context of the region is essential for effective engagement with local communities.

The Heart of the Opportunity:

As a Field Researcher with AKHS, P, you will play a pivotal role in influencing healthcare strategies and interventions. The scope of work encompasses quantitative and qualitative data collection, providing a holistic understanding of the healthcare landscape in the region. This position transcends traditional job roles – it's an opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change in one of the most enchanting regions of Pakistan.

How to Apply:

The timeline for submitting job applications is until December 14, 2023. Interested candidates are invited to submit their resumes to Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the subsequent test and interview processes.


Joining the ranks of Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan as a Field Researcher isn't just a career move; it's a commitment to contributing to transformative healthcare solutions. This opportunity beckons those ready to delve into the heart of communities, to bridge gaps, and to create lasting impacts. Apply now and become a part of the journey towards a healthier, more equitable future in the picturesque landscapes of Gilgit and beyond.

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